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About Us

The Birnn Chocolates Story

Located at the corner of Cleveland Ave. and Madison Ave. in Highland Park in New Jersey, Birnn Chocolates is proud to be one of the State’s finest award winning manufacturing confectioners.

We are a friendly company with a mission to improve the way you feel about eating chocolate. We make traditional high quality chocolates for those who desire to combine the ultimate chocolate taste with a healthy lifestyle. All of our products have been formulated to use only natural ingredients, all of the nuts used in our confections are dry roasted and each process has been examined to bring you the best taste and texture experience possible.

Our retail store is in the same building as the factory where all our chocolates are made guaranteeing that they are super fresh. This is the only store where you can buy all of our chocolates, although we do ship all over the country.


1915 Letters found from Charles Henry Birnn referencing Birnn & Knopf Candy makers in Brooklyn NY.
1932 Regina Sweets Started by Charles Henry Birnn in Highland Park.
1934 Moved to Bayard St. New Brunswick in 1934
1934 Changed name to Birnn Candy
1947 Charles Henry’s son Edward joins the company
1950 Period of retail expansion leads to the opening of eleven stores in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
1954 Manufacturing moves to Cleveland Ave. in Highland Park
1965 Fire destroys flagship store in New Brunswick
1974 Company sold out of the family
1981 Birnn Candy ceases to exist
1981 The chocolate company rises phoenix like to be resurrected as Birnn Chocolates
1985 John Cunnell joins the company
1985 Birnn Chocolates focuses on truffle making and creates a wholesale business
1991 Truffle manufacturing part of the company is split off as a separate company and moves to Vermont
1991 John Cunnell takes over as the head of Birnn Chocolates which continues to manufacture a full line of traditional chocolates in New Jersey
2019 Birnn Chocolates chocolate becomes Fair Trade and GMO free
2020 Ecommerce function is added to our web site.
2021 Store is completely renovated.
2021 In October 2021 the store reopens to the public for normal walk in business